Fullstack web developer, freelancer,
and technical writer.

I’m Juan, a fullstack web developer and freelancer, based in Venezuela. I build web applications and websites with quality in mind.


I’m Juan Alvarez, a developer who loves the web and bringing ideas to life.

I discovered web development in 2016, trying to build websites for fun in my free time. In 2020, due to the pandemic and college stoppage, I decided to take my development skills to the next level and started to learn about web development in depth.

I spent day and night learning to code with React and JavaScript and even wrote a few blog posts. I used Twitter to share my knowledge with the community. In September 2021, I found my first full-time job as a junior fullstack web developer.

Since then, I’ve worked on various projects, from company management systems to education platforms. The core programming languages I use are PHP and JavaScript. In the frameworks department have experience with React, Laravel, and Next.js.

Even though my strong suit is on the frontend, I also work with backend technologies. I love to learn about databases, servers, and everything in between. Most of my projects use MySQL and Prisma.


My set off skills include JavaScript, React (Next.js), headless technologies and styling frameworks.

Web Application


Gradientz is a single-page application for discovering colorful gradients.

  • It's intuitive. You can search for gradients depending on color.
  • A stunning gradient modal for selecting the degree of orientation of the colors. Thanks to Next.js, it's easy to change the state of the application.
  • The back end works on JSON and its server statically. The site doesn't make any server requests.
  • Style with TailwindCSS for a consistent look and feel.
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Web Application

Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper let's you save and share your favorites recipes with the world. A full-stack web application, created for the August Hackaton of Hashnode x Auth0.

  • A bright and intuitive user interface crafted with TailwindCSS. Fully responsive, fast and concise through all the views.
  • Next.js with TypeScript allow for robust development, fast deployment and scalability.
  • Secure authentication implemented with Auth0.
  • A back end built in Supabase, using a PostgreSQL database.
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Heritage Keeper

Heritage Keeper is a web application dedicated to save your all family memories in one place. All your memories will be saved and transmitted to your next generations in a fully organized way based in your family members; and grouping memories into albums.

With this project, me and my teammates Pedro (https://github.com/pedrouzcategui) and Alfredo (https://github.com/AlfredoPrograma) won first place on the Codicon 2024.

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